Free Training

Falling out of chairs in Care Homes is a huge concern. At Your Mobility, we believe it’s not enough to just supply specialist chairs, so we provide free training sessions and assessments to ensure that service-users and their caring staff can make the most of the chairs we have to offer.

The training we offer is available all over the UK. All our staff are trained to deliver the appropriate information whilst keeping up to date with all the latest developments in mobility and fall prevention within the care sector.

This training will help your staff conform to CPD requirement both with regard to NVQ and Revalidation.

We believe that our chairs can make a difference which is why we are so passionate about providing free training on good seating practice for your staff.

Consultant Neuro Physiotherapist

Simon Berrell

“I am involved in the training of student physiotherapists at Southampton University, and also the support, training and mentoring of the Your Mobility Sales Assessment Team on a regular basis.

“This, together with my ‘day job’ supporting NHS and leading Independent Sector Service Providers to achieve improved outcomes in Neurological Rehabilitation, Postural and Functional movement.

“I also thoroughly enjoy working with Your Mobility care home customers to achieve best practice when seating the frail elderly – call us any time for your free training updates!”

Real Life Story

“Your realistic pricing and 72 hour delivery has meant a number of residents’ families have chosen to purchase chairs in our care home.”

Nursing Care Home,
Glasgow, 2016