Can I afford a mobility chair?

While demand for specialist seating is high, many people can still be extremely hesitant to purchase a chair. This is often due to the cost of mobility chairs, with many being out of budget for the majority of users.

However, this is why, here at Your Mobility, we pride ourselves on offering high quality products with small price tags. We like to keep costs low and reasonable, so that our customers never have to worry about whether or not they can afford a mobility chair.

As well as the initial purchase cost, we noticed that users were being put off by all the added extras that came with it. This is why we not only provide free delivery and installment of all our chairs, but also offer free training to service users and their families. This offers our customers’ a peace of mind when deciding just how affordable investing in a specialist chair can be.

The free assessments and training we provide to our customers is an essential part of the buying process for us. This allows users to get the correct seating option to meet all of their requirements, so they no longer have to worry about purchasing the incorrect chair. We understand that specialist seating is a huge purchase for most of our users, which is why we encourage them to make the most of the complimentary services we provide.

We thrive in knowing that those who require specialist seating are provided with it. This is why we can also direct our customers towards funding which often allows them to obtain our chairs, without worrying about the cost.

Although initial costs may be affordable to some, users still continue to worry about return policies and the warranty of a chair. All of our chairs come with a full, two year warranty attached to them, something that can reassure a customer during the purchase.

We understand how important specialist seating is to a user and the difference it can make to their everyday quality of life, which is why we ensure our chairs are affordable and can be purchased completely hassle free.

If you have any questions or queries about the pricing of our chairs or the funding options available, then please do feel free to call our helpline on 0800 046 7448. Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.