Val & Ernie’s story

We recently delivered our specialist chairs to the lovely Bradeney House Nursing Home, just outside Bridgnorth, where the dedicated nursing staff and residents are enjoying the benefits of our chairs durability. The home has 101 bedrooms, purely dedicated to those with dementia, so efficiency for the nursing staff can be an extremely difficult task. However, […]

How to help when memories fade

Our innovative mobility chairs are targeted at those who suffer from, or are in the early stages of, dementia, meaning their memory and ability to move freely is restricted. Unfortunately aging, despite our efforts to do so, can not be prevented and those who care for the elderly are forced to find ways in which […]

How specialist seating can help those suffering with dementia

Specialist seating can improve users’ quality of life in a variety of different ways, however, here at Your Mobility, we focus on providing seating for those who suffer from dementia. Seating solutions such as ours, are an important part of helping to care for those suffering with these diseases; ensuring carers can prevent users from […]

What types of funding are available for those who require specialist seating?

Specialist seating can be rather costly and sometimes not affordable to those who require it. However, there are various ways in which the team at Your Mobility can support and direct you and your loved ones to the funding you may need. As well as external funding, each of our chairs come with an extensive […]