Why training is essential for service users and their carers

As well as being lightweight and durable, our chairs are multi-adjustable which means we can design them to meet the unique requirements of each individual user thereby limiting the risk of injury one might experience in a lesser adapted chair. In meeting these requirements, we are not only providing better comfort, we are also able […]

Why mobility chairs make your life easier

Many of those who require a mobility chair are, in fact, the people who don’t own one – but why is this? The vast majority of our customers do not realise just how much they have come to rely on their chairs and how they could now hardly imagine a life without them. However, so […]

Can I afford a mobility chair?

While demand for specialist seating is high, many people can still be extremely hesitant to purchase a chair. This is often due to the cost of mobility chairs, with many being out of budget for the majority of users. However, this is why, here at Your Mobility, we pride ourselves on offering high quality products […]