How technology will revolutionise the care industry

Although the care industry has often turned a blind eye to the revelations in the care sector, there simply is no denying how the future for the industry should be technology driven. There is an immense pressure to improve standards of care and those who work within it, face the challenge of an ageing population. […]

Tackling the negative perceptions around mobility chairs

People often associate mobility chairs with being bulky, unpleasant to look at and extremely expensive, which is why it is not uncommon for users to have a rather negative perception of the chairs before they buy one. In our most recent blog, we discussed how those who require mobility chairs often tend to put off […]

Do you require a mobility chair?

As elderly people become less able than they used to be, there are plenty of solutions available to help them retain their social independence and improve their everyday quality of life. So, what are the early signs that you or a loved one may require a mobility chair? Many of our users initially turn to […]

Why using a mobility chair should not confine you to one place

Although specialist seating is aimed at those who are less able in later life, we believe that users should never feel restricted or confined when using their chairs. The standard, heavier mobility chairs that were commonly used previously simply did not enable users to get about easily, often restricting them to one room. Therefore, it […]

What are the qualities to look for in specialist seating?

Day-long support and comfort are definitely top priorities when looking for the correct specialist seating, but what else should users look for from their mobility chairs? While many may believe that a specialist chair only serves one purpose – support – there are plenty of other qualities the right chair can provide, which people should […]