How technology will revolutionise the care industry

Although the care industry has often turned a blind eye to the revelations in the care sector, there simply is no denying how the future for the industry should be technology driven. There is an immense pressure to improve standards of care and those who work within it, face the challenge of an ageing population.

There are various newly developed technologies that are changing the care industry for the better. For example, interconnectivity is giving the elderly the ability to live at home instead of having to move to assisted living or care home environments until necessary. Even video calling technologies are reducing the number of hospital visits for the elderly.

Technology means a simpler and quicker way of doing a task; something which should resonate with the care industry. Due to the increase in lifespan across the UK, these advances should help tackle an inevitable demand within the care industry and further develop the way in which people spend their later years.

For many years, comfort chairs have stayed very much the same – bulky, uncomfortable and unsupportive. However, with the latest innovations in technology and design, we are able to offer our customers a completely new way of being cared for, providing them with the reassurance of a mobility chair.

So, where are these improvements at Your Mobility? Encompassed within the design of all our products is the necessity for good positioning and the materials to help achieve this. With the latest pressure care materials in each chair, our users are now able to remain seated for prolonged periods of time without getting sores or developing bad postures.

This can make a huge difference on a user’s quality of life; preventing them from developing back pains and allowing them to remain comfortable day in, day out.

But what could the future mean for the care industry, as more advances in technology develop? The Health Care sector believes that technologies will only continue to benefit patients and improve quality of life.

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