Why training is essential for service users and their carers

As well as being lightweight and durable, our chairs are multi-adjustable which means we can design them to meet the unique requirements of each individual user thereby limiting the risk of injury one might experience in a lesser adapted chair. In meeting these requirements, we are not only providing better comfort, we are also able to share our expertise with those who need it.

Our free training sessions and assessments ensure that service users and their carers are getting the most out of our specialist chairs and stay up to date with any relevant developments in mobility and the care sector.


Falls from conventional lounge chairs is our main concern, which is why we look to prevent this risk as much as possible. This is where our very own neuro physiotherapist consultant, Simon Berrell, comes in. Simon specialises in postural and functional movement and so is best placed to advise our users on the best ways to be positioned within the chair. This can make a huge difference to a service user’s comfort and even improve their aches and pains.

Although it is extremely important that service users are kept updated, we also make sure that their carers are too. Our free, specialist training allows for carers to understand how our mobility chairs operate, as well as helping staff conform to CPD requirements. It is especially important for us to provide staff training, so that the user is getting the most out of them.

Throughout the lifetime of the chair we offer free, six-monthly safety and suitability assessments, to ensure that the mobility chair is still meeting the requirements of the user. This allows us to stay updated with how users are getting on with their chairs and if any alterations need to be made during the chair’s lifetime. This ensures our users are never left in the dark.

Assessments are carried out prior to the purchase of our chairs to provide the correct seating requirement to meet the user’s needs. Training is also carried out on delivery and further training for users, carers and even family members can be arranged if required.

If you have any questions or queries about the training available, then please do feel free to call our helpline on 0800 046 7448. Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have