Can mobility chairs be adapted to suit the user?

Although we ensure that each of our specialist chairs is designed for the user’s ultimate comfort, we also realise that not all of our clients have the same requirements and that chairs may need slight adjustments.

This is why, when a customer has decided that a Your Mobility chair is for them, we offer a no obligations seating assessment, where we specify the correct seating and equipment for the user’s needs. This can be anything from suggesting whether an electric chair is necessary or how we can adjust the seating width for the user.

A specialist chair should also be fitted to you and your every need. Therefore, upon our visit, we allow you the opportunity to customise your chair to accommodate your needs. The chairs can be adapted in many ways, according to the user’s weight, height and seating needs.

Most commonly, our chairs will be adjusted by width and by using the adjustable footplates, to suit the user’s height. However, we realised that this wasn’t enough for our chairs to provide.

That’s why all of our chairs can be adjusted for posture enhancement, as some users have tendencies to lean left or right. As well as this, the chairs can also be tilted back slightly, for users who have a tendency to lean forward when sitting. This is to prevent those users from falling from their chair and also helps with pressure relief.

Many of the adjustments of our specialist chairs ensure that each user gets the most out of them. Adjustments can be made to prevent hazards, as well as for the comfort of the user. Our pelvic positioner does just this and makes sure that the user is positioned correctly, all whilst preventing them from sliding out of the chair.

Their lightweight nature also means they are easily manoeuvrable, so suitable for carers of all ages and abilities.

Our chairs have also been adapted to fit in to domestic homes. Therefore, for our customers who may question whether a Your Mobility chair will easily fit within the dynamics of their home, we pride ourselves in being able to reassure them how mobile our chairs are within that environment.

Doorways and small, tight spaces within domestic households are inevitable, which is why it was a must for us that our specialist chairs adapt to this. Each of our chairs will fit in to any household and can be moved in and out extremely easily, by all the family.

If you have any question or queries about how we can adapt one of our specialist chairs to accommodate you and your needs, you can reach us on our Helpline by calling 0800 0467448 – we will be happy to help.