How mobility chairs have evolved – the latest designs used today

Over recent years, the care industry has had to update and improve the specialist seating they provide – due to new information regarding a user’s needs and comfort. Poor seating can lead to increased pain, particularly in the back, hips and neck, as well as decreased mobility. This is why updates and new technology are vital within the industry, to ensure each user is getting the most out of their specialist seating.

Here at Your Mobility, as mentioned in our previous blog [Pic PR to link to previous blog], each of our chairs can be adapted and tailored to the user’s every need which is why new technologies and designs come in useful to us. We pride ourselves on always keeping up-to-date with the latest developments regarding technology and a user’s health to make sure we are consistently providing the best service to our customers.

Our Chelsea electric chair allows the user to rise and recline with just the press of a button – a feature that was added to our standard Chelsea chair. Simple technology, such as this, can make a huge difference to the service users’ experience and everyday comfort, which is why it’s so important that we continue to keep up with the latest technological updates.

As well as updating our designs for ultimate comfort, we also like all of our chairs to be visually attractive for our customers. Previously, specialist seating options were limited and required users to purchase bulky, un-appealing chairs for their homes. We realised our chairs did not have to fit this stereotype, which is why all of our chairs are extremely lightweight and durable. As well as this, our chairs are available in a variety of styles and colours; something our users regard as very important for them.

On the discovery of pressure relieving materials within the industry, we also knew it was vital for our chairs to include this feature. Pressure ulcers are an extremely common result of sitting down for prolonged periods of time and we realised that this was the case for many mobility chair users. This feature can therefore be added to the seat and backrest area, reducing the risk of pressure sores and causing discomfort.

While we pride ourselves in the specialist seating we supply and how keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in technology and design is important to our customers, it’s also important to our business too. We love knowing that our chairs are constantly changing and adapting to better suit our users’ needs and the developments within the industry definitely help us achieve this.

If you have any questions or queries about how we can provide you with the appropriate chair for you and your needs, then feel free to call us on our helpline on 0800 046 7448. Our expert team will be happy to help with any questions you may have.