How to know when you need a mobility chair

It’s not always easy to recognise when a mobility chair is something that could improve quality of life – especially if you are still mobile. Mobility chairs are most commonly used by those who unfortunately can no longer walk or easily move about; but it’s sometimes the case that a mobility chair is a temporary measure when mobility begins to decline before becoming a long-term aid.

There’s no need to suffer in pain. Our chairs are tailored and designed with comfort, relief and support in mind for those who are experiencing anything from mild to more severe pain. The posture enhancement features, pelvic positioners and pressure care materials, ultimately relieving bodily strain and allowing the user to have a better quality of life. If a patient or family member is struggling with discomfort and pain, specialist seating might just be the answer.

A sad reality of growing older is that the body becomes weaker and more fragile, putting the individual at a higher risk of falling over and obtaining injuries. Our chairs are designed to lower the risk of and ultimately prevent users from falling out of the chair through innovative design features. This way, the user can feel safe and secure at all times.

Cognitive health also declines as we age, which often means there is the need for extra assistance. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s are unfortunately on the increase so family members and friends of those suffering with these diseases can soon begin to feel the pressure of caring for them and with the stresses of everyday life, can become overwhelming. Specialist seating that makes life with dementia a little easier can be a great help to family members, whilst also being a more comfortable option for the user.

Anybody who feels vulnerable about their health and safety is most certainly suitable for a mobility chair. Our chairs are fully equipped with safety devices and comfortable designs so that each user, no matter the reason for using a mobility chair, can feel as secure as possible.

If you think that you or your loved one could benefit from a mobility chair, you can reach us on our helpline by calling 0800 0467448 – we will be happy to help.