What safety training is out there for mobility chair users and staff?

It is widely recognised within the care sector that falls by residents is a major problem, often resulting in injuries. Surprisingly, many of these falls result from inadequate seating that fails to meet the user’s physical needs.

As well as providing our clients with a specialist chair that meets a user’s needs, it is also essential that the user is positioned correctly within the chair to help them achieve a good posture.

Here at Your Mobility, we want to ensure that each and every one of our users, and their caring staff, get the most out of their specialist chair.

Before any training is required, we know that specialist seating requires specialist chairs which meet a user’s needs. This is why we offer our customers a visit before their purchase, to carry out a full, no obligation, seating assessment. This allows us to specify the correct seating / equipment for the user and their every need, so that you get the most out of our chairs.

Once a chair has been purchased, we then provide free on-going training sessions and assessments, which are carried out prior to purchase. The training will be delivered in whatever setting the chair is provided, whether that be a care home or a customer’s own home. We take pride in knowing that, when we deliver a product, we deliver an exceptional service too.

Our training keeps you up to date with all the appropriate information and latest developments in both mobility and fall prevention. Each and every one of our staff are trained to inform carers and help them conform to the CPD requirements.

Simon, who is part of the team, is a neuro physiotherapist and ensures our support and training is all up to date. This allows us to share specialist knowledge and training with our clients, which can be extremely valuable to those looking after someone who requires our specialist seating.

We like to make sure that our customers, their carers and their families are kept up to date with all the latest developments in fall prevention and that all those involved in the process have knowledge of how to use our specialist chairs, in the appropriate way.

It doesn’t stop there with us; our customers are able to call us any time for free training updates or with any questions or queries. You can reach us on our Helpline by calling 0800 0467448 and we will be happy to help.This is the exceptional service we love to provide our customers at Your Mobility because, we really do care.