Why choose Your Mobility?

Our chairs stand out within the market and, as a result of this, are becoming ever more popular with specialist chair users and their carers – but why is this? Not only do they differ to other, more standard mobility chairs in design, they can also be completely tailored to a user’s needs and requirements.

This allows our customers to get the best out of our specialist chairs and, if any further health requirements arise, the chair can simply be altered to suit these changing needs. As a result of this, we assure users that our specialist chairs will be long lasting and there should be no need for another chair.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions to those who require a specialist chair, and those who care for them, because of the lack of new technology and comfort within the industry. Not only do we consistently provide high quality chairs to our customers, we also like ensure we are continuously improving and up to date with any developments in new technology within the market.

Customers can be guaranteed therefore that the chairs we provide will be of the highest quality materials and include the latest technologies, all for their complete satisfaction. It is extremely important for us to update and continue to improve the chairs that we offer, so our customers will never be disappointed or need to look elsewhere.

Although, our highly qualified team is the driving force behind each of our chairs, we also rely on our customers’ feedback on how to improve certain aspects of our chairs and our service. This customer relationship is an important aspect of the whole process for us and helps us to stand out amongst our competitors.

As well as providing excellent, quality products, our family run business takes great pride in the customer service that we provide because we believe in offering the full package. This is exactly why all of our chairs are delivered and even installed by our own staff, so that you only get the best service – right up until the end. Is there anything we don’t do?

Seeing the positive impact that our chairs can have on a service user’s life reassures us to carry on making such high quality seating. It’s amazing how something as commonplace as a chair, when designed for those with specific needs, can make such a huge difference to a person’s quality of life.

This is why we strive to provide our customers with the very best products, alongside an unbeatable level of service and price! We don’t believe the best always means the priciest, which is why all of our chairs are extremely affordable and accessible to those in need of them. We can also direct you towards funding, which can often enable you to obtain our chairs without worrying about costs!

If you have any questions or queries about how we can adapt one of our specialist chairs to accommodate you and your needs, you can reach us on our Helpline by calling 0800 0467448 – we will be happy to help.