Which is the right mobility chair for you?

Preferences are different for each user, so we ensure that our chairs can be tailored to suit you and your every need, allowing for complete reassurance when deciding which chair is right for them and their requirements. By offering an assessment prior to purchase, we can confidently assure customers which of our specialist seating options […]

How mobility chairs have evolved – the latest designs used today

Over recent years, the care industry has had to update and improve the specialist seating they provide – due to new information regarding a user’s needs and comfort. Poor seating can lead to increased pain, particularly in the back, hips and neck, as well as decreased mobility. This is why updates and new technology are […]

What happens after getting your mobility chair?

After our staff have delivered your mobility chair and fully installed it, our customer relationship does not end there. We realise that, once in use, your mobility chair may need adapting or that you may have various questions about how to get the most out of your chair. This is why we continue to support […]

Can mobility chairs be adapted to suit the user?

Although we ensure that each of our specialist chairs is designed for the user’s ultimate comfort, we also realise that not all of our clients have the same requirements and that chairs may need slight adjustments. This is why, when a customer has decided that a Your Mobility chair is for them, we offer a […]

What safety training is out there for mobility chair users and staff?

It is widely recognised within the care sector that falls by residents is a major problem, often resulting in injuries. Surprisingly, many of these falls result from inadequate seating that fails to meet the user’s physical needs. As well as providing our clients with a specialist chair that meets a user’s needs, it is also […]

Access when using a mobility chair

Although our chairs are designed to be user friendly for people with specific needs, we also understand that mobility chairs have an impact on carers and family members, too. With this in mind, we wanted to make sure each and every one of our chairs was easily maneuverable and extremely lightweight, so they can be […]