Easily accessible places for a day out

Looking for locations to enjoy a day out which is easily accessible for mobility chair users is not always a simple task. Fortunately, there are many visitor attractions around the UK which are mobility chair-friendly and offer aides for visitors with disabilities. Having a disability does not mean that fun days out should be missed […]

Sue and David

We recently supplied one of our specialist lounge chairs to an elderly couple in Pontypridd to help improve their quality of life. Sue Skyrme was struggling with the growing pressures of taking care of her husband David, after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009. The disease, a progressive neurological condition that causes problems in […]

How to know when you need a mobility chair

It’s not always easy to recognise when a mobility chair is something that could improve quality of life – especially if you are still mobile. Mobility chairs are most commonly used by those who unfortunately can no longer walk or easily move about; but it’s sometimes the case that a mobility chair is a temporary […]

How to maintain a good quality of life when mobility declines

It’s a sad reality that as we age, simultaneously, our mobility declines. For some, even the simplest of tasks can become more difficult. This does not mean, however, that life should be any less enjoyable – and here at Your Mobility, we’ve created chairs that help to improve quality of life, tailored to those who […]

Why the elderly need more than physical care

As we move through life, we require different levels of care. Whether it be due to accident or injury or generally becoming less able-bodied as we age, different care is needed both physically, mentally and emotionally. According to research, a third of us will experience a trip or fall in our later years which could […]

Bradeney House story

We recently visited Bradeney House, a registered dementia care nursing home in Bridgnorth, where the staff were amazed at how our chairs had made such an impact on residents suffering with dementia. Our visit came shortly after our first drop off to the home, where they received several of our chairs, after having trouble with […]

The best mobility aids for a better quality of life

The ability to move independently and with little or no assistance, is key to improving an elderly person’s quality of life. However, this would, in most cases, not be achievable without the help of a modern day mobility aid. These aids can come in the simplest, or even the most intricate of forms, which are […]

Val & Ernie’s story

We recently delivered our specialist chairs to the lovely Bradeney House Nursing Home, just outside Bridgnorth, where the dedicated nursing staff and residents are enjoying the benefits of our chairs durability. The home has 101 bedrooms, purely dedicated to those with dementia, so efficiency for the nursing staff can be an extremely difficult task. However, […]

How to help when memories fade

Our innovative mobility chairs are targeted at those who suffer from, or are in the early stages of, dementia, meaning their memory and ability to move freely is restricted. Unfortunately aging, despite our efforts to do so, can not be prevented and those who care for the elderly are forced to find ways in which […]

How specialist seating can help those suffering with dementia

Specialist seating can improve users’ quality of life in a variety of different ways, however, here at Your Mobility, we focus on providing seating for those who suffer from dementia. Seating solutions such as ours, are an important part of helping to care for those suffering with these diseases; ensuring carers can prevent users from […]